We are currently interviewing for 1 open position.

Marketing & Sales Assistant

Remote, primarily work from home

We are looking for an assistant who can help us manage interest in our marketing membership program. You’d primarily be responsible for interviewing small businesses through outbound calling, as well as responding to inbound requests. You’ll then set appointments for businesses who want to learn more about how we can help. All contacts and interview questions are provided for you!

We’d like someone who has a background in sales and marketing with preference given to a candidate with a experience in telesales. You’ll be our “Director of First Impressions,” so a consistently pleasant demeanor is a must. It’ll be important to have confidence on the phone with an easy-to-follow tone and cadence to your voice. You should also have a quiet place to work and access to a PC and high speed internet.

Based on activity and performance.

For More Information:
Please send an email to todd@bostedergroup.com to apply or ask questions. If you’d like to schedule an interview, please include why you’re applying for the position and your qualifications/experience. Also, feel free to read What We Do and Who We Serve to learn more about the Bosteder Group.